Your Decisions Create Your Life

You are the product of your decisions.

What you decide to do today is what’s going to give you your tomorrow, your future. Sounds simple right? It is. Yet, many of us choose to complicate it and make it so damn difficult when it’s absolutely unnecessary.

Just STOP what you’re doing and close your eyes. What does the happiest/healthiest/most fulfilled version of you look like?

How do you present yourself? How do you walk, talk and act? How does she talk to herself? What makes her heart sing and come alive? What are her habits? What does her daily routine look like?

When I imagine the best version of me, I see so much life. A woman that is committed to prioritising herself every day. A woman that nourishes her body with love, moves her body with love, and looks at her body with love. A woman that is present in the moment. A woman that gives and receives all the love. A woman that does the things daily that makes her heart happy. A woman that supports other women in feeling a goddess. A woman that finds the joy in everything and is grateful for life. I AM THAT WOMAN.

Can you imagine prioritising yourself? Does it make you feel weird or excited? We are all busy. We all have priorities. Some of us are raising children. Some of us are figuring out this thing called life. But, we all have one thing in common: being happy and feeling the best YOU.

You deserve to feel healthy, happy and damn amazing. One of the tools that’s helped me do this is the 21 day fix programme.

Email: for more information on the programme!

Love, Rebecca xx

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