The Art of Gratitude

Doing daily gratitude has become a thing of insta feed worthy posts and self care must-do’s, is there real worth in doing this every day?

It turns out there is.

I have been practicing gratitude for a couple of years now and over the last few months I have been committed to doing it everyday in the morning to get my head in a place of positive loving energy.

Has it worked? Does daily gratitude really work at helping you to appreciate life and make you feel ohhh so good?


All the yes.

The beauty of gratitude is it puts the mind in a place of focusing on the beautiful positive things happening in your life. You focus on what is amazing right now in life. The big things. The small things. 5 things. 10 things. 25 things. One thing.

It doesn’t matter the length of your list, how many minutes you write for, the point being is focusing on what is incredible in life today. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. No past, no future, but simply here in the now.

As much as I like to get excited about my future plans and creating amazing things in life, it is so important to be here today. To actually appreciate what is happening today.

Being present in life is the most simplest of gifts.

Stop focusing all your energy on what happened in the past.

Stop focusing on what you lack in life.

Stop rushing to get to the big plans you have for your future.

Slow down and see what you have with you now.

Get your phone or a notepad and write. Make notes about what you are grateful for about yourself, what is surrounding you, the people in your life, the places you visit regularly, anything and everything that you do regularly in day to day life.

Do this consistently and you will notice that you are damn awesome. Your life is freakin incredible. The people you know are a gift. The life you have created is precious.

It’s great to have goals. But it’s phenomenal to appreciate life right now.

Practice. Write. Slow down. Appreciate. Smile at who you are and what you have. Because quite frankly life is passing by and we might as well love the heck out of it.

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