Arbonne Gel Eye Masks, My Honest Review

I love to look after my skin, it’s a huge part of nourishing my body, selfcare and being healthy from the outside in. Are you obsessed with skincare too?

I am sharing my honest opinion on the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Prepwork Gel Eye Masks after using them for the last year. If you’re looking to make a switch to healthy, vegan, botanical-based products then this post is for you!

I will only promote products I actually use and love, and after using these for over one year I can honestly tell you my truth and be real with you.

I 100% wholeheartedly do not just talk about products for the sake of making money, nope that ain’t me, I am too honest for that. So believe me when I say I use them and I love them and that’s why I am starting to share more about the amazing products now as I have used them for well over a year so I can give an honest review.

Side note: I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant because I love, use and believe in the products and company so much. I love that they help my skin be healthy and support my vegan lifestyle. While I will earn a commission if you purchase through the links, I am sharing these products because I truly believe that they will contribute to your healthy lifestyle too. I know that you’re going to love the products and everything Arbonne stands for!

Little facts about RE9 Advanced Prepwork Gel Eye Masks from their website:

Soothing, cooling eye masks immediately hydrate; turns tired,
puffy looking eyes into wide awake, radiant eyes.

Superfood cocktail of ingredients containing vitamins C and
E, antioxidants, omegas, and phytonutrients helps improve
moisture levels, softening the look of baby lines around
the eyes.

Brightens the look of dark circles, helping eyes look refreshed
as if you’ve had 8 hours of sleep.

Ok, so do they actually work?


I was a little skeptical at first due to my skepticism about the skincare products actually working for my skin due to super sensitive skin, but ya know what, you don’t know until you actually try!! So I did. And I do.

I use the masks regularly, especially when I have had less sleep and/or feeling a bit of a zombie and they honestly do add life to my eyes by helping the dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

It is magical.

These masks are perfect for us mamas when sleep is all over the place, travelling abroad on long haul fights, or generally needing to hydrate and plump the skin under the eyes.

Just recently I was reminded of how amazing these beauties are when I had three consecutive nights of less than adequate sleep due to catching a cold from the kiddies at Sophia’s nursery and also her being ill, so sleep was almost non-existent those three nights.

I used these gel eyes masks to help my face feel (and look!!!) alive… and it worked. I almost looked like I had slept like a baby!

So my honest review of these masks is quite frankly they work. They do what they say they will do and that’s what matters to me. Being healthy for the skin + vegan + work. Perfect.

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