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Body. I am sorry.

Body… I am sorry. I am sorry for the years that I spent forcing you to change. Pushing you to extremes. Trying to move and feed you in a way that was fighting every cell in you. For not accepting you. Allowing myself to focus on images of what I thought was perfect and ignoring your perfections. Seeing you as a flaw. Believing that you had to look and feel another way in order to be healthy and happy. And perfect. I am sorry body.

For almost 8 years I ignored you. For that I am sorry. I made the decision to fight against you. Now I make the decision to accept you.

It’s always a choice. We either love, embrace, accept, force, fight or hate our body. It’s always in our control. I want you to know that you’re not alone in this pursuit of the perfect body. The perfect health. The perfect butt. The perfect breakfast. The perfect workout. The perfect stomach. I believe we are perfect now. I am perfect. You are perfect.

In my journey of navigating this life thing I have come to the conclusion that it is a journey. That is life. It is an adventure. We are perfect as who we are. It is all so simple. Let’s stop complicating the beauty of life and embrace it all. Cellulite and all.

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