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Free the Hips Movement

Serious question for you ladies: do you actually like high waisted trousers? Me? No. I’ve been pretending for awhile that I like them but you know what I despise them. Was I wearing them because they are trendy? No. I started digging into why I didn’t actually like them but wore them because I thought I should. Hhmm there’s an issue. When something feels like you should then there is definitely a thing that needs to be confronted. I realised I was wearing high waisted trousers (gym leggings, jeans etc) because I wanted to hide my belly, make it look flat, suck everything in, look perfect. Eurgh. So I want to put it out there…. why do you really *honestly* wear high waisted trousers? Truly be honest with yourself.

Wearing this style of trousers makes my stomach feel horrible. It gives me digestive issues. I can’t breathe properly. I end up having stomach issues from being sucked in like this. There’s nothing goddess like about this. I have been getting so annoyed about all the high waisted jeans for the last few years and I’ve been wanting the old school jeans I grew up with that were low waist and I loved them. I felt amazing in them. I’ve managed to find a select few in some brands, buts it’s damn difficult.

Even if my butt crack hangs out the back of the low waist I’d rather that than have my stomach messed up because I want to look a certain way. If you feel the same way then heyyyyy girl. If you feel amazing in high waisted trousers then good for you, but I truly don’t. I’m on the hunt for trousers I actually LOVE and feel an absolute goddess in. Are you with me?

This is the start of the Free the Hips Movement. Let the hips out and celebrate our beautiful curves.

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