Making Time to Exercise Daily

I used to think I didn’t have time to workout every single day. Like an actual workout. Here’s what I found to be true…

I DO have time to workout every single day. And it’s been so silly crazy stupidly easy to do the workout every single day. So what were these lies I was telling myself?! I was kidding myself I didn’t have time. I was convincing myself that I couldn’t fit it in amongst everything else with business and mum life…

I thought I didn’t have the energy.

I thought I’d be knackered doing workouts every day.

I thought it would be too intense.

I thought I’d be pushing myself too much.

I thought I’d have to give up something else so important to make time.

Hhhmmm I call BS on myself. The reality is I do have time. It was all based on fear. Fear that when I did CrossFit every single day I got fat, fear that when I walked every single day with the dogs and had yoga or training too I was exhausted. But in both of those cases, the first I wasn’t nourishing myself properly or resting enough for all the intense workouts I did, and the second I was doing so much cardio with very long walks, I needed to eat more. Lessons learned. Nourish, rest and listen to the body.

For 21 days I exercised every single day for 30 minutes and I felt bloody marvellous, like O.M.G my whole mind and body feel amazing. The workouts are designed with smart knowledge by master trainers to look after the body properly. I feel energised, happy, confident and full of life. And this is only just the beginning of these workout routines. Hands on heart I’ve not felt this good with exercise in a looooooooooong time.

So, I always had time but I let fear get in the way. Once I prioritised these workouts every single morning I didn’t lose out on anything or get exhausted. I’ve actually gained energy, love and confidence.

If you think you don’t have time to exercise I challenge you to question that belief. Do you have time to move the body for 30 minutes everyday?

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