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My Self Care Routine to be a Sane Mummy

So ladies, I am here to tell you that you can make time to look after you, like seriously, you can. In this blog I am going to lay down the top strategies that help me to keep sane, healthy and happy as a mummy without feeling overwhelmed, and actually feeling like an absolute goddess by looking after myself.

My aim is to share my story and the things that work for me in the hope that they can help you on your journey to finding what works for you day to day as a mummy to your little cherubs whilst honouring your needs.

Truth be told I thought I had nailed this whole self care thing as a mum when I started prioritising my needs alongside my daughters needs. It turns out I needed to dive deeper and do more work for myself to actually nail this whole self care self love thing.

And that in itself has been a gift as it is has helped me to really understand me. It has helped me to dig into my soul and get to know what I actually need to feel good, what I want in my day to day life, what things light me up, what I want to spend my time and energy on in order to show up as the best me and best mummy.

This journey has been trial and error. I have figured out the things that don’t work for me and the things that do work. And that is one piece of advice I will give you ladies, is to keep an open mind and keep working on you. Some of the things I share may not work for you and that is ok. The best part of all of this is trying different activities and methods in order to find the routine that works best for you, your needs and your lifestyle.

Please don’t feel that you have to follow my advice to a T in order to be healthy and happy. Give my points a go and see how they benefit your life. Tweak, adapt and implement to make it yours.

Before diving into my best tips for self care, I want you to know the secret sauce to making it work for you and this is: commitment, consistency and focus.


You have to decide that you are committed to your self care. You have to know why you are doing it. You have to dig deep into your WHY and get crystal clear on what you want to achieve out of daily self care for yourself. Ask the questions, write down the answers and know your why.


Once you know your why it will help you commit to the self care which in turn will help you be consistent. Commitment and consistency go hand in hand, together they make the perfect recipe for success in whatever area of life you want to transform.


This goes in line with the commitment part. Focus on what you want, why you want it and where you want to go. Focus on your self care every day. What does that self care look like for you? Once you have tweaked, adapted and implemented the self care strategies that work for you keep focused on them. Do not flit from one method to the next and then eventually end up quitting. Focus on a system that works for you and tweak as you go along.

Let’s get started…

Morning Mindset

This has its own section as it has become an essential part of my everyday life and I am totally obsessed with it as it makes me feel super clear, focused, relaxed, happy and excited about my life.

For a long time I have read about the importance of getting up earlier than you would normally and dedicating time to personal development. I did elements of it but some would be in the morning and then spread out throughout the day amongst mum life. I thought I was nailing it at this whole personal development/self care thing. I felt smug about reading and listening to personal development books. I was meditating. I was writing my gratitude list. But, it was spread out throughout the whole day, and this might work for some people, but since doing my morning mindset work, I have come to realise that what I was doing does not ultimately work for me. It wasn’t giving me the results and true feel good vibes I wanted.

Now I do all of my personal development activities together in the morning which means I get up earlier. Ha, turns out I do need to get up early in the morning. At first I thought I would resent this earlier wake up time. But I committed to getting up an hour earlier and have been consistent every day.

I used to get up at 7am, now I get up at 6am every day. Yes I get the odd days where I think hmmmm I want to stay in bed and snuggle my boyfriend longer, but we still snuggle at that time, nothing is lost.

So this is my morning mindset routine:

  • 6am: get up
  • Get drinks
  • Grab my phone, earplugs and laptop
  • Position my butt on the sofa with all the drinks to get hydrated
  • Love – I think of a person who means the world to me and how I feel about them. I focus on the love around that person.
  • Affirmations & Gratitude – I use an app on the iPhone that I write my “I am” affirmations and gratitude in.
  • Big Goals – Using the notes on my MacBook Pro I type my big goals for the next year and 5 years. I make it super specific crystal clear for my goals and vision for life. This takes up to 30 minutes as I write a lot.
  • Daily Goals – A few short bullet points on the definite must-do actionables for the day. For example: morning mindset work, my workout, follow the nutrition plan and play with Sophia.
  • Vision Boards – I have created two digital vision boards on Canva that match my big goals showing what I want in my life for the next year and five years. This helps to put my thoughts into visuals and gets me super pumped up for everything I am working on in my life. This is POWERFUL stuff ladies!
  • Audio Book – I listen to 10 minutes of a book that helps with personal development. Currently I am obsessed with Grant Cardone – he is one super passionate human who will light the fire in your belly to have the life you want!
  • Meditation – I listen to a short mediation for 5 to 10 minutes that focuses on feeling like a goddess and tuning into your divine body. I absolutely love this part of my self care daily routine!

Once I have sat down and start with the love practice to finishing the meditation it is approximately one hour. That one hour of self care time for me helps me to feel like ME. It truly helps me feel tuned in with my needs and after doing all of the above consistently for a long time now and continuing to do it every day, every week, every month, I am seeing and feeling the benefits in my life.

I am happy, healthy, confident, committed, consistent, focused, excited, passionate, driven, loving, nurtured and totally in charge of my life.

It helps me with fitness, nutrition, mindset, being mum, being girlfriend, love, family life, business and dreams for the life I want.

Rest of the Day


Making time to exercise every single day helps me feel incredible. This doesn’t mean having to workout for one hour sweating your ass off every time, it just means movement every day. I follow the best workout programmes that are making me feel incredible. I do a mix of cardio, strength, HIIT, dance, yoga and martial arts. All online home based, no longer than 30 minutes, with minimal equipment. A couple of times a week I attend hot pod yoga classes.


Eating nutritious food that makes me feel energised, satisfied and satiated in my body is key. Eating food that digests well and makes my stomach feel good is essential. I have found what works for me to keep me happy and healthy with food and my body.


An essential element of self care: FUN. How much fun do you have mama? This can be on your own, with your partner, children or a friend. I love to workout, have dance parties with my daughter around the house, meet up with friends who I can be an absolute goof ball with and be surrounded by like minded women.


Doing work that lights me up is key! If I am going to spend anytime working I want to actually be wanting to do it. This to me is a fundamental element to self care. Why drain yourself doing work you hate? It makes zero sense to me. Get clear on what you want to achieve out of the work you do. Working should add to your life not deplete you.


Making time to pamper myself is now a non-negotiable of self care for me. This looks like: a bath using the best vegan botanical products, playing with makeup, a deep tissue or relaxing massage or listening to music whilst journalling.

Finally, be you.

No matter what you choose to do to practice daily self care, always focus on doing you. Choosing things that light you up, make you happy, and sing true to your heart. Follow your heart, listen to that gut feeling and honour your needs.

You deserve it mama.

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