Hey Girl, It’s OK.

As I sit here I want to share with you something that really lights a fire in my stomach…

It is ok to be exactly who you want to be.

There is ZERO shame in being who you are.

Doubting who you are, what you want and how you spend your time every single day is completely up to you. It is your time. It is your day. It is your life. Damn, we spend too much time overthinking, analysing, worrying about the craziest silliest things.

I have spent way too many years basically forcing myself to do stuff I don’t actually want to do whilst ignoring the things I truly want in my life. I had moments of allowing myself to have them but then let fears of the modern ways of thinking affect my true desires. I would back track my vision for my life and go against my heart.

Ultimately this led me to being lost in myself, being ashamed of what I want and basically being a confused girl. Do you feel the same? Have you been there too?

I made a commitment to myself almost two years ago to sort my life out and do me. To listen to my heart. To be dedicated to what I want in my life. And the beauty is after being so committed to that and doing the inner work I am now seeing the results.

My heart loves adventure!

It takes times but being consistent and focused on what my heart truly wants, the things I wholeheartedly want are unravelling.

It turns out the things I was forcing myself to do were not what I wanted which is why they felt forceful.

The things I do want right now in this phase of my life feel easy, effortless and right, and that’s simply because I am listening to my heart and doing me.

So I want you to know this…

It is ok to want what you want.

It is ok to listen to your heart.

It is ok to prioritise your needs.

It is ok to be scared.

It is ok to live each day exactly the way you want.

It is ok to not know how you will do it. Yet.

It is ok to ask for help.

It is ok to let go of the control.

It is ok to do what’s different from the norm.

It is ok to change your mind.

It is ok to do the same thing every day for the rest of your life.

It is ok to be, do, act however feels right for you.

It is ok to laugh so hard you almost pee.

It is ok to just be.

Stop worrying. Stop holding back in your life. Stop being afraid to go for what your heart wants.

When you allow yourself to have EXACTLY what you want, you will find inner peace, joy, love and living life with ease.

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