That Fizz Life

A day without a fizz stick is like… errr what?!? Ok so once you start adding a fizz to your life you will never look back. Trust me. It’s kinda weird, but you will totally get it when you have that bubbly fizzy thing in the morning.

You might be wondering, what on earth is a fizz stick?

Let me introduce you to the Arbonne Energy Fizz Stick

I was first introduced to this magical fizzy stuff in October 2018 and I have been enjoying a fizz a day since. Or sometimes two. When I am wild maybe three. I have heard dirty rumours that some people have 5 or more!!!

One of the reasons Arbonne have produced this product is to help people who rely on coffee, tea and energy drinks to get through the day. Now, I am not saying any other those drinks are terrible (ok, well the energy drinks yes, and all the cows milk added to the coffee and tea yes!!).

Let’s just say I am a huge advocate of the energy fizz sticks, and here’s why…

Key Ingredients & Benefits

  • Guarana supports energy
  • Chromium helps support healthy blood sugar levels
  • Taurine, an amino acid, supports energy
  • Ginseng root helps support physical capacity and performance
  • Coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant, helps support energy•
  • Green tea and guarana provide naturally derived caffeine•
  • Riboflavin helps metabolise carbohydrates, fats and proteins to provide energy•
  • Niacin helps support energy yielding metabolism of macronutrients

In summary,

These energy fizz sticks help promote alertness and endurance when you feel tired and do so in a healthy way rather than relying on gallons of coffee, tea and energy drinks.

Side note: I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant because I love, use and believe in the products and company so much. I love that they help my skin be healthy and support my vegan lifestyle. While I will earn a commission if you purchase through the links, I am sharing these products because I truly believe that they will contribute to your healthy lifestyle too. I know that you’re going to love the products and everything Arbonne stands for!

My honest review is I love them. Simples. I don’t use them to rely on energy, I just simply enjoy them for a yummy drink. It’s a nice way to make water taste yummy whilst getting a dose of fantastic nutrients.

Many people do use them as a replacement and feel SO much better with energy. For mums who need a boost of energy amongst mum life, then I HIGHLY recommend these!!!

These fizz sticks are a perfect solution to drink plenty of water whilst boosting the body with botanicals and a healthy dose of caffeine.

They are available in various flavours. The standard pomegranate and citrus (pom is my fav!!!). Some flavours come and go such as apple, strawberry and blackberry. Limited edition blood orange, and soon to be launched rose champagne (way too excited to get these!!!)

If you want to pre-order the Rose Champagne Energy Fizz Sticks then message me or send a DM on my instagram account to put your name on the list.

Arbonne Discount

Interested in trying out Arbonne products? There are several ways to get started:

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I became a consultant because I wanted to earn money with a business that matches my ethics and values, and being products I absolutely love. If you are looking for healthy products and want to switch your daily routine to a more pure, healthy lifestyle, try out being a consultant for a year and save!

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