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Life is Life

It turns out I’ve been over complicating everything. I’ve been stuck in my head being scared of everyone, everything, errrr life. It turns out life is not as hard as what my head has been making it out to be.

Life is not an opportunity, an adventure, challenging, exciting, fun, a journey, messy, weird, anything. Life is nothing. Life isn’t even an “is…”. It’s life.

Striving for more. For adventure. For the excitement. For big goals. For new ways. For answers. For solutions. For the perfect xyz. For the next thing. It’s a vicious cycle. And ultimately costs love, vitality, wellbeing, self expression and any satisfaction for life. It will never end. And then that’s it. Dead.

What I have discovered is really not a discovery. I have opened up. I have shared. I have connected with people. I have opened up the door to life. Actual life. Not this make believe pretend to look good, feel good, be good, do good, fake impression of life. Actual life. The real stuff.

Do the thing. Do the thing that opens you up to your life. Do the thing that creates your life that you love. Just do it.


Literally, stop it. Stop searching for the perfect time, “the sign”, the answer, the solution. Just do it. Life is here now. Start actually living your life today. Nowhere else.

Create possibilities for your your life that set you free from the thinking-analysing-worrying-questioning-reflecting-planning-perfecting thoughts that have been carried around for years. It’s already here, just set it free to create and do NOW. There is no time other than the present, the here, the now. Forget yesterday or tomorrow. Just be with that. Here. Ok? 

Just be with it. Love. Share. Connect. Talk. Express. Create. And be F’ing powerful.

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