I am here to help you as I am just the same as you!

(yes that is a random picture on the blackboard…heck this is mum life and I will bring you reality to this whole life thing!!!)

Are you…

★ Frustrated with not getting what you want in life?

☆ Tired of being tired, feeling exhausted everyday?

★ Fed up of feeling alone in your struggles?

☆ Convinced you are not capable of having the success you desire?

★ Feeling stuck on what to do next to achieve those goals?

☆ Done with feeling like a victim and ready to take responsibility for your life?

Who is this for?

✓ Women
✓ Mums
✓ Married Women
✓ Single Women
✓ Single mums
✓ Employed women
✓ Stay at home mums
✓ Work from home mums
✓ Ambitious Women
✓ Entrepeneur Women

This programme works regardless of what your goal is:

✓ Confidence
✓ Mindset
✓ Health
✓ Money
✓ Business
✓ Relationships
✓ Love

Oh hey there!

I must introduce myself. I’m Rebecca and this is my daughter Sophia. My girl who inspires me everyday to be my full authentic powerful self. My why. My love. My heart. And why I am here to help remind you ladies that you are amazing and deserve a phenomenal life too.

As a mummy, online entrepreneur, forex trader and podcast host I know what it takes to go from confidence to a mess to creating everything I want (again!!)

My mission is to help you step into your power, create confidence, unleash your feminine energy and have courage to go all in for what you want in your life.

2 years ago I was at the bottom. My mindset was low, I crawled through difficult times and decided I was going to have an amazing life.

I’ve created online businesses, found inner peace, unleashed love, and found my way back to being a happy mummy!

I am here for you. I am real. I am honest. I am authentic.

Here’s everything you get today…

✓ 4 Weeks Online Group Coaching

✓ Access to the Private Facebook Group

✓ Weekly Live Group Coaching Call

✓ A Professional AND Honest Mentor to Create Realistic Results Long Term

Total Value: £500


I am proud to say I took charge of my life and made things happen.

I totally get the struggles, overwhelm, challenges, fear and overthinking.

I get that you’ve had enough of feeling lost.

I get that you NEED to transform your life N O W ! !

I get it because I lost myself after being a confident gal and then getting caught up in focusing on the past and feeling a “lack” in life which led to a hot mess.

I went all in.

I transformed my life.

I did a 180.

You can too power girl.